Finance Committee

The Finance Committee meets a minimum of three times per year.  The main purpose being to monitor the internal and external audit reports and to ensure that the financial business of the Parish Council is conducted within the various legislative boundaries.  It meets in October to set the budget for the following year and recommend the amount of the Parish Precept.  Large grants are considered, initially by the Finance Committee in October and March.

All of the Finance Committee decisions must be approved by the Full Council. 

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Claire Tull - Vice-Chairman

12 Brookside, Calcot, RG31 7PJ

0118 941 8203

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Harish Mistry

Tudor House, Mill Lane, Calcot, RG31 7RS

0118 945 5830

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Mary Bedwell - Chairman

12 Grangely Close, Calcot, RG31 7DR

0118 942 0196

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Sarju Mistry

95 Overdown Road, Tilehurst, RG31 6NN

07967 810215

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