The Parish Council has powers to award grants to organisations which directly benefits some or all of its residents. For further information and for an application form please use the links below (note: grants cannot be awarded to individuals).


Download Grant Policy and Grant Application Forms below

Please click: Grant Policy
Please click: Grant Application Form

Grants Awarded

During 2020/21

The Parish Council are proud to have supported the following groups (updated as grants are given) and charities through its grant system (all of these groups are encouraged to attend the Annual Assembly of the Parish Council:

  • Standby Volunteer Group (£200 April)
  • Berkshire Multiple Scelerosis Therapy Centre Ltd (£350.00 November)


During 2022/23

Applications are open for the current financial year.  Should any group (who qualify under our grant scheme) wish to apply please complete the Grant Application Form above and send to:

An important part of the application process is to ensure that the Parish Council has a clear understanding of how any grant will be of direct benefit to Holybrook residents and to how many residents.

 The Parish Council is proud to have supported the following groups so far this financial year:



  • Friends of Linear Park (£250 February 2023)
  • Berkshire Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre (£500 February 2023)
  • Standby Volunteer Group (£200.00 May 2022)
In addition, the Parish Council has made a contribution to the Royal British Legion in support of the Poppy Appeal.  And, the library service.