Meetings Schedule 2023/24

Meeting schedule is subject to change.

Monday 19th June 2023
Planning Committee 
Monday 3rd July 2023
Finance Committee 
Monday 17th July 2023 
Full Council 
Monday 4th September 2023
19:00 Planning Committee
19:30 Full Council
Monday 9th October 2023 
19:00 Planning Committee 
19:30 Community and Environment Committee 
Monday 6th November 2023
Full Council 
Monday 18th December 2023 
19:00 Full Council 
Monday 15th January 2024 
18:30 Community & Environment Committee
19:30 Special Meeting - Honorary Freeman/Freewoman
20:00 Full Council 
Monday 12th February 2024
19:00 Planning Committee
19:30 Community and Environment Committee 
Monday 26th February 2024 
Finance Committee 
Monday 11th March 2024 
Full Council 
Monday 22nd April 2024 
Full Council 
Monday 13th May 2024 
Annual Meeting of Holybrook Parish Council 
Monday 20th May 2024 
Full Council 

All full council and committee meetings are open to the press and public and are held on a Monday evening in the Beansheaf Room at the Beansheaf Centre (Charrington Road, Calcot RG31 7AW).  Meetings commence at 19:30 unless otherwise stated. 

The Council sets aside 15-minutes before each council meeting to enable the public to speak on matters included in the agenda (please see the Council's agenda for more information) (rules of conduct and time limitations apply.  See the Council's Standing Orders for more details).



The Annual Assembly of Holybrook Parish is a electors' meeting and should not be confused with the Annual Meeting of Holybrook Parish Council.  However, as Holybrook has a Parish Council, the Chairman of the Council must preside the meeting.

The Annual Assembly for 2023/24 will be held on Monday 25th March 2024 and is a chance for the community to come together to hear about the achievements and activities of the Parish Council over the last financial year and of some of the bodies with which the Parish Council has associated with over the last financial year.

As the Annual Assembly is not a parish council meeting it is not conducted in the same way or governed by the same rules as a parish council meeting; members of the public are permitted to make statements on relevant matters during the meeting and any resolutions passed do not bind the Parish Council.