Crime Prevention Advice - Empty Your Van Before A Thief Does

Published: 25 July 2023

Follow these simple steps to help protect your tools:
Mark Your Tools - Take a photo of the serial numbers or engrave your initials. Remember to mark your batteries too.
Register Your Tools - Record serial numbers on a national property recording database such as immobilise
Secure Your Vehicle - Make sure your vehicle is locked with the windows shut when its left unattended.
Install an Alarm - Alarms are good deterrents if one is not already fitted.
Park Against a Wall - Where possible, park your van overnight in a well lit area backed against or alongside a wall to make it difficult to gain access.
Use Extra Locks or Cages - Consider purchasing dead locks or slam locks to further secure your vehicle. Security cages can also be installed inside your van so that even if someone gains access, they still can get to your tools.
Empty Your Van - Where possible, remove tools overnight - don't give criminals the opportunity to empty your van for you.