Supporting Save the Children this Christmas

Published: 15 December 2020

We hope all residents enjoy this for fun poem written for the Parish Council and Staff.


We have reached the end of 2020; it’s been a very strange year.

We’ve been locked down and then released, then locked down again I fear.

Lockdown what has it made us, what have we become from staying in?

Is it decorators or super cooks or biscuit eaters and drinkers of gin?


No meeting with friends, no meals in the pub, it seemed all doom and gloom.

But, the Parish Council has carried on with all virtual meetings on Zoom.

Parish staff have been working from home, and the Beansheaf Centre’s quite bare,

But planning, finance and daily tasks have all been worked on with care

The Beansheaf new kitchen has gone unseen, and lettings are now a lot less.


When we will get back to normal is just about anyone’s guess

The Covid vaccine has been tested and trialled, which shows a glimmer of light

I hope to get the jab very soon, giving me a chance to party all night!

I thank you all for your support this year, we’ve done the best we can

Working from home is challenging, a huge thank you Caroline and Pam

I wish a Happy Christmas to you and yours, and a New Year of hope without fear

So please raise your glasses one and all, its time for Christmas cheer.

Bottoms up! A votre santé!