Up Coming Events

On the last day of each month we have a two hour work session which is partly maintenance of the garden and surrounding areas as well as supplementing the work that the West Berkshire Council contractors complete, such as the removal of low hanging branches over footpaths, or fill holes dug by rabbits/dogs.  

Meet at 10:00 in the Sensory Garden (next to the Beansheaf Centre).  All volunteers are welcome.

If you would like your name added to the list and receive communication please send your name and mobile number to folpcalcot@gmail.com.  

Next Working Group Date:

Monday 30th September

Annual General Meeting - 2019

Friends of Linear Park Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday 14th October 2019 at 7.00pm in the Beansheaf Community Centre. 

The guest speaker will be Janine Lewis of 3JFitness, a regular user of Linear Park (Nordic Walking) who will talk through real life examples of struggling and overcoming health and fitness issues.  The title will be "Fresh Air Fitness Magic".

Everyone welcome. 

Actual jobs completed in the last 12 months


  • Mow the grass in and around the Sensory Garden: Repeat regularly through the growing season.
  • Trim edges of borders and keep the weeds down: As required;
  • Maintain Fernery and raised border;
  • Blow leaves off main paths: Late Autumn;
  • Collect all twigs and branches: After windy weather;
  • Hoe kerbside edges of car park;
  • Weed and maintain the new hedge at the top of Mill Lane;
  • Walk all the paths in Linear Park and trim back overhanging branches;
  • Mow around fitness equipment that the contractors cannot reach with their large equipment;
  • Mow the footpath next to the 'horses field', plus circular route around the Pill Box Field;
  • Maintain the compost heap and use within the borders;
  • Plant new 'whips' in Jubilee Wood and trim around the young trees to prevent suffocation;
  • Cut grass around base of the oaks;
  • Maintain the surface of Pooh Bridge (weed removal with wire brushes);
  • Light maintenance of drainage ditches (with volunteers from Reading Outdoor Group).