Fitness Trail

With a substantial grant from West Berkshire Council in 2018, FoLP were able to plan and install a Fitness Trail in the Eastern section of Linear Park (i.e. south of the Fords Farm end).

There are 10 individual 'stations' spread over a distance of 800m along the footpath that follows the railway line.  Main access is from Hawkesbury Drive, Albury Gardens or Burbidge Close.

Each station has one or two information boards giving examples of exercises which can be completed on each piece.  The equipment is designed to cater for different ages and fitness levels, find the ones that suit you (the photo below shows the Reading Joggers using the fitness trail heaves at our grand opening event): 

From the west (near Hawkesbury Drive)


  • Stretch Station: 8 individual stretches;
  • Bench Sit-ups
  • Parallel Bars;
  • Balancing Beams;
  • Multi-exercise Bench;



  • Leap Frog;
  • Sit-up Bench;
  • Step-up Sleepers;
  • Heaves;
  • Bunny Hops.