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Community & Environment – Holybrook Forum

Holybrook Parish Council has made attempts to give residents a say in local matters, specifically, what is required to meet their needs.

A sub-committee, the Holybrook Forum, was formed to ensure that local residents had a voice and a say in local issues. Open days, which were advertised in the newsletter, on the Parish noticeboards, Twitter feed and website, were held at the community centres in Beansheaf Farm and Fords Farm to gather support for this initiative and allowing individuals the opportunity to volunteer. To date, despite the best efforts of the Parish Council, only one volunteer has joined an otherwise Parish Councillor led group.

Some successes of the Holybrook Forum have included the new multi-use games area, and Holymead playground restoration, refurbishment of the Beansheaf Room at the Beansheaf Centre, the 'spot light' section in and increased frequency of production of the newsletter, and free basketball coaching sessions offered during the summer holidays. Apart from general maintenance of the community centres, there are no further capital projects planned.

As an unused facility, the decision was taken at the Forum AGM, held on Monday 3rd October 2016, that the group will, currently, be held in suspension. However, Holybrook Parish Council is always open to ideas and welcome dialogue with all local residents of any age. Therefore, if you have an idea, that will help grow/improve the community in which you live and you would like help to carry it forward, please do contact the Clerk.


Community & Environment - Festival Committee 

Chair: Richard Somner
Vice-Chair: Jo Stewart
Members: Cllrs Bedwell (Treasurer), Lenaghan and Tull


Claire Tull - Vice-Chairman

12 Brookside, Calcot, RG31 7PJ

0118 941 8203

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Charles Croal

4 Carston Grove, Calcot, RG31 7ZN

07855 749 876

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Mary Bedwell - Chairman

12 Grangely Close, Calcot, RG31 7DR

0118 942 0196

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Andrew Lenaghan

12 Carters Rise, Calcot, RG31 7XS

0118 945 3714

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Richard Somner

15 Colliston Walk, Calcot, RG31 7ZJ

07836 208382

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